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Sandy Skoglund assignment

25 Oct

Who is Sandy Skoglund?

Sandy Skoglund, an American photographer and installation artist who was born in 1946 in Quincy, Massachusetts. She creates surrealist images by building some meticulous static scene, including human, animals and objects, furnishing them carefully to create the visual impact. The process of setting up usually takes her few months to complete, and finally she photographs the set. Her photography uses the bold colour ideas to give a great visual impact which create a surprising surreal scene. Everything looks like a dream. 

-What is the philosophy behind her art? 

Sandy Skoglund brings creativity and imaginationto to her art. She was ill when she was 3 which actually made her become a bit handicapped, and this is the turning point that she made her view different from the other people. Her different view of the world makes her photographs look different from the reality. “Surrealism opens the doors of the dream to all those for whom night is miserly”, it means that she is not satisfied with the real world and carry out her wish into the art works. This is how she created her unique style that full of fantasies nd dreams.



-Choose one of her installations to explain its meaning.

(CATS IN PARIS, 1993 Sandy Skoglund)

I will say that this is my favorite piece of Sandy Skoglund’s works.      

The contrast of the blue background and green cat gives a really interesting visual impact. 

The background which using single colour clearly shows the texture such as the floor, buildings and bridge.  Also, the shooting angle emphasize the man who is the focal point of the photo. We can see that the green cats are mostly concentrate under the man, and it actually separate the photo into 2 parts. The shape of the cats make a good contrast with the shape of the man’s leg. The amusing part is that the man looks like walking on the side to avoid the group of cats, but he also looks curious about it. I love the relaxing feeling that this photo bring to me, it is a dreamlike photo! The topic of this photo gives me an idea that maybe I could see the same scene some day if I go to Paris..haha but the cat would not be green eh?

I can’t find the explanation of this photo, so I just talk about my feeling of it. I’m really interest in the real meaning of this photo…! Hope I could find out next time..Thanks for reading.