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Take a Stand!(poster assignment)

20 Apr

Topic: Water Resources

What I know about the topic…:

-Water resources will be the big problem in the future.(Water will not be enough for people in the next few years.)

-Price (of water) is increasing , resources decreasing

-Poor countries don”t have ability to pay for water.

-Rich countries(Which have water resources)will be more wealthy . Ex, Canada have the most abundant water resources in the world , and it will be the superiority in the future.

-There is a possibility to declare the wars(to strive for the resources) between countries.

-The influence to the human bodies, which is the physical condition. Our bodies need to absorb the regular component of water(moisture).

-There is a necessity to invent the technological innovation for changing the salt water into the fresh water.

-When one drinks water , one must not forget where it comes from, think of its source.(gratitude for the source of benefit.)

-Article from New York Times

Near Vast Bodies of Water, Land Lies Parched,%20land%20lies%20parched&st=cse

the opinions:

The water resources in USA could be in for serious water shortages within these few years, it gives many examples, for instance, Florida’s reservoirs below and above ground are badly depleted and becoming briny with saltwater seepage. Some animals which lives with water are disappeared. ”Many parts of the country have discovered water may indeed be a commodity more precious than oil.” Human body needs water for necessary , also the agriculture and many other uses. People have to take action to protect the resources we have , don’t be naïve to think that water will never leave us.

2. Dying for A Drink,9171,1864440,00.html

 This article is talking about the world water resources is decreasing. Many lakes and reservoir are almost dry and people haveassumed it is virtually drought-proof.”  

The planet fairly sloshes with water–326 quintillion gal , but only 0.014% of that is available for human use. 😦 People in the world share the water resources but about 1.1 billion people have no access to clean water. (It gives many examples of the world water issue.) One day, the water will be disappeared,(this is the established fact) so we really have to treasure the resources, don’t waste it so that more people can have it .

3.Water’s Scarcity Spells Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

Translation: What else do we have when the cup is empty? You should know how important is the water resources( for the earth).



20 Apr

Artistic Flair

1 Apr

Step one: Landscape


Step Two:

Choose a painting

Saint-Lazare Train Station /Claude Monet