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Valentine Assignment

15 Feb

❤ Valentine’s Day ❤


p.s.Sorry I don’t have the PSD document because I have already merged the layer. I will be careful next time , sorry 😦

The quote I choose is:
”You don’t marry someone you can live with – you marry the person who you cannot live without.”
I think this quote is very fit for Valentine’s Day.
The first sentence talks about that you don’t marry a person you can live with , it makes people feel uncertain that why shouldn’t they stay together;The coming sentence is abundant to explain the answer of our first query , you should marry the person who you cannot live without rather than the person you can live with. It nearly shows that the couples can’t leave each others easily because they falls in love deeply.

I took the photo of my friend’s cat last weekend. She has 3 cats at home and this cat in the photo is the only ”boy” in his cat family. Well, he actually looks lika a lovely girl in this photo , so I use him to represent a girl thinking of her love.

I choose to use a shape of heart() I used cookie cutter and put the cat into the shape ;d I also have some plum blossom symbol of the poker.  I used pink for the words , because it will be fit with the colour of my photo which is white with yellow , orange and red. The colour of the ray of sun is very beautiful , and that’s why I didn’t use any effects for this photo.

I didn’t use the photo of people to make this assignment , because I think animal is a good choice to show the innocence of pure love. I want to show the atmosphere of softly fragrant , it makes people feel relaxant and comfortable.

The original photo:

I have another design for this assignment.  I used the shape from Internet(Google Image) and cut the photo of cat to put it in. I  forsake this design because I actually using the image(background) that are not done by myself. ;(  (I love this design that really use red and pink to show the topic of Valentine’s Day.)

Actually this quote is one of my favourite too:
A bowl of vegetables with someone you love is better than steak with someone you hate. —


Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone ;DD!!! ((Although I’m late for a day ;d


11C-Art assignment- Elements and Principles of Design

11 Feb

Elements and Principles of Design


Left → Right = Shape & Repetition  (The patterns are basically from Google images.)

Repetition is ”the act or an instance of repeating”(

”Repetition is to repeat some aspect of the layout(design) throughout the whole piece. ”  It can be many ways in the image.(Ex: lines, shapes and texture.”)

I used the similar birds to show the Repetition. In the background I used white to emphasize the shape of the birds.  The pattern of the birds are the photos of Sky , I think it’s the appropriate choice to represent the freedom of birds.

As you see I used the same dimension of birds in the top and the bottom , it actually shows the repetition which are repeating.  I want to make it looks special , so I use the different size of bird in the middle , and add the effect to make it looks like there is shadow beside it.

The pattern I chose are two kinds of sky , which are the sky in the daytime and dusk(evening) , but the effect I chose to use couldn’t let the original colous show.  For replace , the colours start at left ,begins  in blue and then change into black which is kind of  sense of hierarchicy.  I think it is also beautiful. 😉

About the Elements of Design: Shape (Two kinds of special effects for ”SHAPE”)

‘Shape is the outward form of an object defined by outline.”(

”We see shapes every day in our lives. For instance , logos , clothes and books.  A shape can used in conjunction with lines and type.”(reference from )  It can be formed in many ways , by color, photograph or an illustration.

The work I design is the conjunction by some different shapes.  There are shapes of deer , flowers and  snowflakes.  I used the cookie cuteer from Photoshop to cut out different shapes and put them together.

The pattern of flowers I used is Sakura(Cherry Blossom) which shows the light pink.  I also used blue pattern(snowflakes) to show the snowflakes , and the multicolour pattern for the deer.  I think it really shows in a colourful way.  You may notice that whole image shows a shape of Oval tilt. I use purple for the background , and I think it is the best background colour to stress the different shapes in the image.

I think this design is also related to Christmas 😀 Lovely deer with beautiful flowers and snowflakes in the graceful purple , isn’t that nice? 😀


Hello world!

11 Feb

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